I have worked on thousands of campaigns producing audio and sound design for all types of advertising from branding to entertainment marketing.

Entertainment Marketing -Working with Sound Advice in Hollywood, I have created high impact radio trailers and promos for hundreds of television shows and films. Clients include networks and studio like ABC, HBO, TNT, Pixar, History, Lifetime, OWN, Universal, Disney, New Line and more.

TVPromos1_800 Brian Roth

I have produced radio promos for hundreds of network shows.

Brand Marketing – As an audio engineer in Los Angeles, I worked on sound for radio and TV ads for some of the biggest agencies in the business including TBWA/Chiat/Day, Bert Berdis and Co, BBDO, Blore Company, GSD&M, CP+B, and a whole bunch of other initials; even winning a few awards along the way. I oversaw recordings sessions for a long list of clients including McDonalds, AT&T, Maglite, Southwest, Chevy, Leapfrog, Coors Light, Southwest Airlines, Geico, Sirius, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Nintendo, Hallmark, Discover, Blue Cross, Ikea, Chilis, Sunny-D, Ford, Busch Gardens, Coke, Cingular, Pfizer, Slim Jims, Netflix, Burger King, Kraft, Macys, and many more.

BrandLogos1_800 Brian Roth

I have worked on audio for thousands of tv and radio spots.


–Sound Design, Editing & Recording for Media–

NatParksI have participated in sound design, editing, and recording for all types of projects in various roles from foley to final mix. Voice-recording projects including feature animation projects, Emmy Award winning documentaries, and video games. I have worked with some of the best voice talent in the business including recording such notable actors as Ben Kingsley, Tom Hanks, and John Lithgow among many others.  Film sound credits include critically acclaimed and award-winning independent features, documentaries and dozens of short films.



*Entertainment Marketing * Brand Marketing * Radio Imaging *

* Entertainment Marketing *

Scandal (ABC) “White House” Radio :30

The Lorax (Universal) “Truffula Trees” PSA :60

Dark Blue (TNT) “Less Than A Minute” Radio :60 

Hulk (Universal) “Hulk Smash” Radio :60

Once Upon A Time (ABC) “It’s Here” Radio :30

Surrogates (Disney) “Power of Your Mind” Radio :60

Toy Story of Terror (Pixar) “Haunted” Radio :30


* Brand Marketing *

Gillette “Shatner” Radio :60

Susan G. Komen “My 3 Day” Radio :60

SNWA “Angry Mob” Radio :60

Tabasco “Fish Tank” Radio :30

Lloyd’s Pest Control “Hostage” Radio :60

Disneyland “Small World” Radio :60

* Radio Imaging *

Rock All Night “The Mariner” Radio ID/Imaging

-We will be updating this page with radio imaging samples–so check back soon!

::Demos available by request::

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