Brian Roth music

A few of the networks that have placed my music.

I LOVE MUSIC! Simple as that.

Bass1_250With a music degree focused in classical composition and my experience in the popular genres, I am game for all types of projects from orchestral film scores to dub-infused pop.  I find that whatever type of music project I am working on, it’s the mood and tone that matters most!  Does the music enhance the scene, sell the product, or evoke an emotion from the listener?!  If not, I haven’t done my job!  Plus with my years of experience as a sound editor I have an inside knowledge to what editors, creative directors and producers are looking for when mixing and editing their projects.


AmericanIdolMy music has been placed in over 200 television shows plus movies, promos, and advertising all over the world. I have had success writing in many genres including epic orchestra, dramatic strings, country, reality show underscore, rock and sound design among others! I have an extensive professional network and the know-how to get you the music you need. On time and on budget. Along with being available for custom music projects of all kinds, my music can  be found in several well-known music production libraries for licensing.


More sample tracks to be added soon!!!

::Demos available upon request::